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Looking for a professional locksmith in the Kilsyth South Area

We know that after a burglary, the last thing you want to do is spend time on your property feeling unsafe and uneasy. We’ll work quickly to get your locks to reset and secure so you can feel safe and secure again. If you lock yourself out of your home or other property we can assist you to gain entry. We are a residential locksmith company that specializes in locksmithing services for homes and home owners. If you need to change locks due to a change of ownership or tenants, then we can help.

We will inspect the locks on all doors and may recommend that you key as many locks alike so that the one key operates many different locks. Also, if your locks are not working smoothly, maybe they stick or don’t latch properly, we can service the mechanical parts of the locks to ensure it works properly and you feel secure. For example, we may need to adjust the strike or replace pins inside the lock. Here at Prolock Mobile Locksmiths in Kilsyth South we pride ourselves on professional service and honest advice.

Our mobile locksmithing service can help with opening and re-entry, as well as supplying and assembling deadlocks, latches, and deadbolts restoration and similar keys, locks replacement and repairing-key systems, breakage and repair of damaged / faulty locks