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Rekey the Locks or Key them alike

When people say they want to change the locks, sometimes what they mean is they want to change the key. A rekey might be needed if:

In most residential homes in Melbourne, if the lock is of good quality, changing the whole lock is not necessary. A simple rekey of your Melbourne home’s locks could save you the expense of buying new residential locks. It’s a cost-effective insurance policy and gives you piece of mind.

Creating a new key for existing residential home locks is one of our specialities. The result of “Keying alike” is that one key works on many locks in your home.

Re-keying locks in your Melbourne home might be easier than you think. If the lock is suitable, we can key the house locks alike so they work on just one key.
Many locks can be keyed alike. Our residential mobile locksmith can review the other locks in your Melbourne home to see if you can reduce the number of different keys used in your house. At the very least, we recommend that all your important access doors operate on the same key. If your Melbourne home locks are of poor quality, we will recommend that you replace the lock before you re-key.

An advantage of keying your locks alike, is that it reduces the number of keys you need to carry on your key ring. It avoids the frustrating experience of looking for the right key. No more fumbling around to find the right key when you get home in the dark.

Change Locks or Repair Locks

Our team of expert locksmiths quickly respond & repair broken, damaged or misaligned locks and keys. No matter what type or brand of locks you have, trust our experts to get the job done right.

If the locks cannot be repaired we can quote you to change locks at competitive prices

Key Replacement & Rekeying

When your keys are lost, stolen or missing, you do not have to replace your locks.

We will save you time, money & energy by replacing keys or re-keying locks on the spot as our vans carry a wide range of the best quality.

Residential & Commercial Entry

Getting locked out can be stressful. That’s why we offer emergency service, so you are never alone.

Our locksmiths will quickly arrive to help you enter your home or business and get on with your day quickly.