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Do you need a professional Locksmith in Kilsyth to rekey your locks?

A common reason to call a locksmith is to “change the locks” or “to key locks alike” – essentially the homeowner wants new locks. Lock rekeying services are needed for several reasons, some of which are listed below.

If a customer needs new keys for their locks, our skilled professional locksmiths can provide them with a number of lock and security options to help them feel safe again. When a customer calls, we ask a few questions because often they don’t need to replace the lock entirely but may only need to rekey it. After a brief discussion of the client’s needs, we may ask that they snap pictures of their locks and send them to us via text or email. This allows us to identify the client’s door locks before even making a site visit. After that, we at “Prolock Mobile Locksmiths” use the pictures to determine the lock’s quality and style to provide the customer with an accurate quote over the phone.

Once we know what kinds of locks are already installed, we can suggest the rekey service. We’ll double-verify a few things before we rekey your existing locks. One more benefit of rekeying locks is that we may provide a “Keyed Alike” service. Since all these locks use the same profile key, we may recode them to all use the same key. We are the most trusted and reputable Locksmith in Kilsyth, and we promise you’ll be satisfied with our work.

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